Hands across New Hampshire

Last modified: 8/5/2012 12:00:00 AM

On Sept. 1, New Hampshire residents will be participating in an event called ''Hands Across New Hampshire.'' This is a peaceful, family-friendly protest of the proposed Northern Pass and Trailbreaker projects.

Northern Pass, the proposed 180-mile overhead transmission project through New Hampshire, is slated to bring electricity from Hydro Quebec to the southern New England market.

More than 30 towns along the proposed route of Northern Pass have voted in opposition to the project. Opposition to Northern Pass includes the fact that large hydro-electricity is not designated green or renewable in New Hampshire, it contributes to global climate change, cancer concerns of living or working near overhead HVAC power lines, lost property values, and a for-profit corporation intruding into the White Mountain National Forest.

Trailbreaker is a proposal to bring tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada, through an existing underground pipeline that runs from the Canadian border through Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine where it will be offloaded in Portland to foreign markets. Opposition to Trailbreaker is based on the fact that mining tar sands oil is toxic to the environment and contributes to global warming.

Also the pipeline which will be used was never intended to transport such corrosive and abrasive oil and could result in spills in some of the most ecologically-sensitive areas of New England.

Thus far the following New Hampshire towns are participating in Hands Across New Hampshire: Colebrook, Lancaster, Littleton, Concord, Easton, Campton, Thornton, Sugar Hill, Franconia, Holderness/Plymouth.

For times and locations, or to start your own group, please contact handsacrossnh@gmail.com.



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