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Letter: Police state

Last modified: 4/28/2013 8:17:05 PM
There can be no denying that the police state has arrived in America.

Last Friday’s operation in and around Boston clearly demonstrated the police apparatus in full view. Some residents were actually forced from their homes at gunpoint, while police dressed in military garb searched their homes without prior consent in hopes of finding the bombing suspects. Sadly, as this situation unfolded before our eyes, most people willingly conceded their liberties for a little bit of security.

The American people are slowly being conditioned to accept the pervasiveness of the police state. As the country moves forward, look for the government to play upon our fears as it trumpets new measures to increase the police state.

Of course, the state harkens some novel doctrine called the “public safety exception rule”; in other words the public was in danger, which necessitated the state in locking down an entire city and suspending the people’s liberties. Such excuses have always been used to justify the expansion of the state at the expense of the people’s civil liberties.

It is exactly during these times that the people’s liberties need to be safeguarded at all cost. Once we compromise the rights of individuals, those rights are never fully restored, as the state almost invariably enacts new legislation to curb our liberties.

Slowly, as the police state grows, both the Bill of Rights and the Constitution are being shredded. It is time to speak up and protest these abuses.




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