Letter: Money for BearCat is not free

Last modified: 8/2/2013 9:57:04 AM
Concord wants to spend some free money on something it doesn’t need – $258,024 of so-called free money actually. Don’t worry that we don’t need it because it’s not our money. It doesn’t come out of city or state revenue so therefore it is free; so spend away.

At least that is what the city would have you believe.

Before we give the city a pass on this, let’s talk about some facts.

Concord wants to use a grant from the Department of Homeland Security to purchase a militarized police vehicle. We have a national debt of $16.7 trillion. The $258,024 will be added to that and will be repaid with the money taken out of each of our paychecks each week. Is that really free money after all?

Maybe we should determine if we need this militarized vehicle after all.

This same homeland security agency declared that New Hampshire has no specific foreign or domestic threat – despite the claims of the city manager, police chief and deputy city manager in their misleading application that lumped peaceful, nonviolent engaged citizens in as terror threats.

Concerned with what is going on in the community? Maybe you should be lumped in as a threat too. I personally think not. Save the money and keep your hand out of my pocket!




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