Business notes

Last modified: Sunday, July 06, 2014
AT&T Digital Life automation and safety service is now available in the Concord area. Digital Life features include indoor and outdoor cameras, the ability to remotely open doors and control lights, a coffee maker and heat or air conditioning, and alerts about any water leaks or broken glass in the case of a break-in via text, phone or email. For more information, visit att.com/digitallife.

More than 20 awards to towns, individuals and schools were presented at the 33rd Annual Northeast Recycling Conference and Expo in Manchester on June 9 and 10. The awards were presented by the Northeast Resource Recovery Association, New Hampshire the Beautiful and the School Recycling Club. Local award winners included: the city of Concord, NRRA’s 2014 Outstanding Recycling Brochure; and George and Amy Naughton, Naughton Recycling of Bradford, NRRA’s 2014 Business of the Year. For more information, visit nrra.net.