Letter: The price of ‘no’

Last modified: Sunday, October 12, 2014
Surprise! Electric rates are skyrocketing. Why, you ask? There should be no surprise. This is the price for always saying no.

The very vocal and well-financed few are saying no to Northern Pass. We said no to nuclear and are closing the safe and reliable Vermont Yankee. We are saying no to expanding gas pipelines. We are saying no to clean coal. If the tree-huggers get their way, we will close the PSNH coal plants. So now it’s time for your family’s budget to reap the benefits of always saying no.

Wake up, people! We must stop saying no to virtually every energy project. We must stop throwing roadblocks in the way of progress. As a step in the right direction, I fully support building Northern Pass. Build it above ground and get it done quickly so the vocal, well-financed few can’t waste anymore of our hard-earned money.