Letter: Share the wood

Last modified: 4/6/2015 9:15:05 AM
I read it and hear it. In New Hampshire, we’re known for our “retail politics.” National candidates in primary season can hone their skills by meeting us one on one.

However, there’s something else we can be known for – sharing firewood.

A friend in Sanbornton is sharing her firewood over-supply with her friends that have run out. When they come to take a load, they also take a load for another family that has run out of wood and fuel oil money. Another friend said she overheard a conversation in the grocery checkout line this week of another family sharing their extra firewood with someone who ran out. No money exchanged. Just good hearts in action. Thanks for simple generosity being normal behavior in New Hampshire.

May the candidates learn from it. Heart to heart can beat out money changing hands.



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