Letter: The truth about rape and sexual assault

Published: 10/10/2018 11:00:45 PM

The president’s spokespeople have a new mantra in pushing back against the #MeToo movement and women who are refusing to accept sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Their new cry is to say “not my husband, not my brother, not my father, not my son, not my president ” in defense of Donald Trump and members of his administration who have been accused of sexual misconduct.

I would remind them that it is certainly, “someone’s husband, someone’s brother, someone’s son, and someone’s president” who is committing these acts. Every day a woman is raped and sexually assaulted in this country. Every day children are raped and sexually assaulted in this country. Their rapists are fathers, and brothers, and uncles, and neighbors and teachers, and religious leaders. And until we accept this truth and bring it out into the open for discussion and resolution, the raping will continue.

Do not bury this truth by saying that it can’t happen in your house. It can, and it does.

Register and vote. Bring people into office who accept the truth of sexual assault and are willing to do something about it.



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