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Belmont High School

Published: 6/15/2021 8:19:26 AM

Kelley Allen

Claudio Berrocales

Deanna Bourque

Olivia Bowser

Vincenzo Cacciatore

Brian Carroll

Dustin Carroll-Burr

Abigail Chaplin

Spencer Clements

Emma Cochran

AnnMarie Colecchia

Gillian Copson

Kaylee Cormier

Isaiah Costa

Aurora Couto

Tyler Couto

Jacob Cress

Michael Daley

Michael Dandurand

Katharine Davies

Gabrielle Day

Teigan Didonato

Darren Dutton

Micah Edgren

Amber Faller

Rebecca Fleming

Madison Foster

Mark Frank

Gabriel Fraser

Elizabeth Fysh

Raven Gates

Jason Gaudette

Emma Gorman

Bryce Hall

Morgan Hall

Joseph Hatcher

Sean Herlihy

Chloe Jackson

Colton Keifer

Eamon Kelley

Ashton Kelly

Stella La Vallee

Kai Lachapelle

Samantha Ladd

Kyle Lee

Madison Lima

Rashaun Magdich

Oliver Mahoney

Alexander McCarthy

Isabella McDonald

Logan Moulton

Mathew Niolet

Alyzabeth O’Connell

Kristen Paquin

Benjamin Pare

Brodey Pinard

Kyle Plaza

Maelynn Provost

Emma Roberts

Brandon Robichaud

Amanda Rochenski

Jackson Ruelke

Chase Sanborn

Anthony Scheffer

Zoie Scott

Samantha Shaulis

Ian Smart

Gianna Sode

Molly Sottak

Nathan Sottak

Kara Stephens

Mikayla Stewart

Kelsey Trudeau

Warrie Ward

Hunter Watson

Kyle Whitcomb

Jared Whitcomb

Brian Winslow

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