Letter: Bias for Christianity

Published: 4/21/2019 12:01:20 AM

I have one recent experience in Concord to describe and a few related observations about insidious bias for Christianity.

Last week, while waiting in line at the Rite Aid near McKee Square, I heard a congenial and helpful cashier wish a departing customer “Happy Easter.” I was raised in the Methodist church, but I have many good friends who are Jewish. I was not so much offended as saddened, and it seemed like a teachable moment since Temple Beth Jacob is just blocks down the street from the store. So when the clerk ended my transaction with the same parting message, I leaned in and said softly with a smile “or maybe Happy Passover?” He received it graciously and we joked about the bunching-up of religious holidays.

Then I read the thoughtful opinion piece by Patrick Lacroix (Monitor Forum, April 18) about Pete Buttigieg and “liberal left religion.” It seems to me it advanced unfortunate dichotomies: secularism vs. Christianity and conservative Christian churches vs. liberal Christian churches, excluding consideration of the response of persons of other faiths, Judaism, Islam, etc. How unfortunate in a society originally founded on religious freedom and with current inflammatory discourse at the national level.

One last thought as Christians celebrate Easter: I think Jesus in his time would have been perceived as “liberal left.”



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