Letter: If you truly care about life, vote Biden

Published: 10/2/2020 12:03:32 AM

To all who plan to vote for Donald Trump solely on the basis of abortion policy, please consider this:

First, nobody likes abortions. However, those of us who are pro-choice respect women and realistically know that until excellent sex education and effective family planning are available to all, and until no woman is ever forced to have unwanted sex, there will be occasions when a woman may face the very difficult and painful decision to have an abortion.

Second, the pro-choice Democrats I know deeply revere life. We work hard to bring health care, a living wage, better working conditions, voting rights, education, peace, and justice to all so that each child will have a better life, no matter what their ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion. We also work to address the major threat of climate change so that every child has a better shot at living in a sustainable world. Working to better the lives of all children is the truly pro-life way.

If you sincerely care about life, do not vote for the man who has kept refugee children in cages and shown no empathy regarding the over 200,000 lives lost thus far in the pandemic, dismissively saying, “It is what it is.” Even as this great crisis persists, he is working to take health care away from millions.

Vote for Joe Biden. As we saw in the debate Tuesday night, he is the man who will lead a nation that cares about us all.



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