The men of Old Literary No. 1


Our ancestors experienced very significant history here in Concord during the year 1812. They witnessed turmoil once again between Great Britain...

A truly American tradition


More than a century ago, our Concord ancestors would be preparing for a rare feast to celebrate both the end of the harvest and the traditions that...

Friendly bouts to settle rivalries


When our ancestors traveled the Merrimack River and explored north, they finally arrived in Pennycook in 1727. The original colonists built...

Snow shoes march to Concord


There was a time long ago when the modern luxuries afforded us were not readily available to our ancestors. The people in the Concord community...

Vintage Views: The Great Concord Lake


Our historic community has been fortunate to enjoy many wonderful lakes, ponds, streams and rivers here in Concord. The very first settlers of...

Flying into popular culture


As 1882 arrived in Concord, our ancestors could be found down on Main Street enjoying the latest events boasted by the newspapers: The infamous...

A math wiz who couldn’t read


Some people travel through life and remain in the comfort of their routines as the years pass. Others leave the comfort of this journey and...

Hot days of 1845


The good citizens of Concord were well informed back in 1845, reading the newspapers, almanacs and gossiping down on Main Street.A gentleman named...

Annual event turns to rioting


Years ago, there were many events making history for the very first time.Newspapers and books had been around for many years, but technology was...

Celebrating independence in 1841


The young boys were full of mischief and greatly anticipated the festive events of the coming day.As Concord prepared to celebrate Independence Day...

Vintage Views: From darkness to light


Our ancestors embraced darkness during the early years in our little town. When the first people arrived in Concord and gathered on cold New...

Sometimes there are people that we are fortunate to encounter as we journey through life. Unique individuals that place others above themselves so...

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