A shared longing to return old ways


As our ancestors in Concord lived a century ago, they too experienced much turmoil and unsettling times. Their regular lives ran parallel to many...

Summer exploits and a mystery


Many years ago, our grandparents and their grandparents before were living during a time when they found their own entertainment during their...

Great Concord Fire of August 21, 1851


It was the summer of 1851 here in Concord, New Hampshire, a summer that our ancestors would remember for many years, tell their children and...

Maligned man bans citizens from grave


There are times in life when damaging words are spoken, regardless of these words being spoken in anger or haste, they are indeed spoken. These...

A Fourth of July worth a retelling


It is during the first few days of summer that I spoke with a very dear friend. She is in fact a dear friend, a relative and an ally, for we both...

Early settlers arrive in Concord


Our city of Concord was settled by our ancestors many years ago. Granted by the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the year 1725 it was first named...

SPLASH from the PAST


As long as there have been hot summers there have been children in search of a favorite swimming hole to cool themselves. Our ancestors were very...

Changes in city’s jails and prisons


There are times in life that some people need to be reminded to act with respect and oblige their neighbors. To be polite and obey the rules of the...

Sign appears above the city


As our ancestors welcomed the year 1820 in Concord, there was much activity about town. Down on Main Street the locals gathered and read their...

Making bricks for city’s houses


As the first settlers arrived in our little town of Pennycook in the early 1700s the very first priority was to seek shelter. Shelter from the...

Nature razes swath of state


In 1821, our ancestors residing in Concord were living in an era that was known as the “Era of Good Feelings.” The period of time referred to as...

Memory held by the trees


The citizens of Concord have always held the sanctity of trees very close to their hearts. When the first unpaved streets were established there...

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