Letter: I stand by column on Canterbury voting

Published: 7/10/2019 8:54:04 AM

Rep. Howard Moffett’s June 30 Monitoropinion piece criticizing an earlier piece I wrote rates a response.

I’d earlier invited 116 Canterbury same-day voting registrants to a legislative listening session. None showed up, and some letters were returned as undeliverable. Rep. Moffett claimed there were only 95 such registrants, but my total accurately includes same-day registrants from both the 2018 primary and general elections.

Rep. Moffett also challenged my statement that New Hampshire has the nation’s loosest voting requirements. I stand by that. While a few other states also allow same-day registration, Rep. Moffett conveniently ignores the fact that votes cast by those who don’t provide proof of domicile are held as provisional votes and aren’t counted until they are verified. Only N.H. allows ballots from non-verified voters to be counted on election day.

My piece called Canterbury a wonderful town and it praised Howard Moffett for his vote regarding the secretary of state. And the activists who helped review the Canterbury votes told me the Canterbury officials were very helpful and they were all reassured about our local elections processes. Unfortunately Rep. Moffett chose to demean and denigrate these citizens, calling their work a “stunt.” I believe anyone who volunteers their time to promote accountability in any community deserves praise, not derision.

Why is Rep. Moffett so defensive about light being shined on N.H. election protocols? Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much!



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