Letter: Learn about and support carbon cash-back

Published: 3/11/2020 12:01:28 AM

In town meetings this month, many towns, including Canterbury, will vote on the carbon cash-back warrant article. It asks our legislators to pass bipartisan bills that address climate change by putting a price on carbon and returning those monies equally via monthly checks to every U.S. adult. The U.S. Treasury has estimated the dividend will more than cover increased costs for lower-income households, and middle-income households will break even.

Carbon cash-back works because businesses will not get the dividend. In order to stay competitive, they will begin investing in energy efficiencies and non-fossil-fuel-based energy; those investments will in turn drive innovation. The carbon tax (and dividend) will gradually increase over five years, giving businesses time to plan for increased costs.

There is overwhelming agreement among economists that carbon pricing/taxation is the most efficient and effective way to curb climate change with the fewest adverse effects on the economy. Well-respected, nonpartisan studies show that this approach will create millions of new jobs and boost the economy by keeping energy dollars in state and in the country, while saving lives and slowing climate change.

I urge all voters to learn more about this solution by googling Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 763 in Congress). These well-thought-out bills provide a beginning step forward. Our legislators need to hear we are concerned. Please learn about and vote for your town’s carbon cash-back warrant article.




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