Education: Colby Sawyer students assist with middle school experiment

  • WMS student Lucas Houle photographs microorganisms from a water sample going into his jar. —Courtesy of Clare Delay

  • Lab partners, Ben Lanier and Aiden Williams, work on designing their ecosystem jars. —Courtesy of Clare Delay

  • Colby-Sawyer student Isabelle Merosola helps WMS students design ecosystem jars —Courtesy of Clare Delay

  • Sarah Babb (right) from Colby Sawyer helps Jaydon Smajovic develop a hypothesis for what will happen in his jar. —Courtesy of Clare Delay

  • Lilly Menec and Izzy Pelletier construct their ecosystem jars. Courtesy of Clare Delay

Published: 11/8/2021 5:06:38 PM

Students from Colby-Sawyer College have been working with Weare Middle School eighth-grade science students this month on a project they designed relating to the conservation of mass. The middle school students are building miniature ecosystems in jars, sealing them, and weighing the jars to note any weight changes as the plants grow. (According to the Law of Conservation of Mass, it shouldn’t.) Students are also conducting microorganism counts in their jars at the beginning and end of the experiment to observe whether the number of microorganisms in their jar changes during the experiment.

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