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Moving back to New Hampshire from New York, couple plans to open Concord ice cream shop

  • Cole Gaudet and Sarah Thayer will offer dozens of toppings, including cereals, that can be mixed into a base of chocolate or vanilla ice cream. MELISSA CURRANMonitor staff

Monitor staff
Published: 4/4/2021 5:00:17 PM

As Sarah Thayer began to consider opening up an ice cream shop with her partner Cole Glaude, she asked him to create a business plan and do one other important business step – show her what the store would sell, to prove its potential success.

Glaude made her vanilla ice cream with brownie bites, cookie dough, and Cheerios. “It was honestly the best ice cream I’ve ever had,” Thayer said.

The idea came about after the couple moved back to New Hampshire after living in New York City, and they realized that they missed having a favorite ice cream shop to visit. It was one of their favorite things to do in New York, Glaude said, so they decided to do create their own place in Concord themselves.

Sunday’s Scoops and Treats is coming to Main Street in Concord this spring, with a special twist.

The way it works is that customers will come in and pick either a chocolate or vanilla base, and choose toppings to add-in or drizzle. Then the order gets swirled in a specialized machine to make either soft serve or a milkshake.

“It’s a made to order business,” Thayer explained. Currently, she and Glaude are planning to offer 48 or so toppings, but the number and the exact offerings are currently in flux. Primarily, however, the emphasis is on cereals: Cheerios, Frosted Flakes, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, for example.

The type of machine is one that Glaude said was featured in some of those New York City shops they liked to frequent. “We really enjoyed it, so we thought we could bring our own twist on it right to New Hampshire,” he said.

Also part of the business model, Thayer said, would be specials for customers who “feel a bit overwhelmed” by the wide array of options. These would be seasonal and for holidays, but additionally, Thayer and Glaude want to have staple items on the menu, to be called “Hometown Heros.” These will be combinations that the two of them have come up with while experimenting, which they plan to do more of now that they have the machines to work with.

They will also be offering dairy-free options for those, like Thayer, who can’t have milk or cream in their ice cream.

The process of starting a business has “been a real adventure,” Glaude said. “It has been a whole lot of work.”

He said he approached it with the goal of serving ice cream and then ran into all the other complicated parts of running a business – insurance, leasing the location, renovating the space – stuff, he said, “that you don’t think about until you’re actually doing it.”

“It can be a little nerve-racking and intimidating,” Thayer agreed.

To help with some of these hurdles, they got some mentorship from SCORE, a program that helps small businesses get off the ground with advice on business structure, planning, and much more. This, Thayer said, helped them a great deal.

Additionally, Thayer said that they’ve seen a lot of support from family members and friends, as well as from the local business community.

“We’re really excited to just become a part of this community and offer people something that is different and super tasty,” she said.

Part of Thayer’s role is to oversee social media and marketing, which she says is going well – their Instagram and Facebook accounts have almost 400 followers between them. “I think we’re going to truly grow our social media in the uniqueness of the business,” she said.

“I feel like there’s no ice cream shop around here that will do it the way that we’re going to do it,” she added.

Currently, Thayer and Glaude are in the midst of renovating the space and getting it ready for a grand opening. The storefront at 138 N. Main St., in downtown has been home to two different crepe shops and before that, Dips Frozen Yogurt.

The plan is to open in mid-May, just in time for warmer weather. In the meantime, they hope that people continue to get excited for ice cream.

“Everyone who hears that it’s an ice cream place is super excited about it,” Glaude said. “Nobody’s ever sad getting ice cream, so we definitely went into the right business.”

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