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Questions for the candidates: Mayor’s race, Jim Bouley

Published: 10/24/2019 4:04:51 PM
Jim Bouley

How long have you lived in Concord?
35 years

Profession: Governmental consultant

Other experience: Concord Mayor
(2007 – present); Concord Ward 10
City Councilor (1997 – 2007).

What two issues are most important to you, and what would you do to address them? The are many opportunities and challenges ahead for the community – there always will be. The most pressing issue facing our council is the opioid/meth crisis and I am glad to say we as a city are already actively addressing it and the other issues surrounding it.

The Fire Department’s work with the NH Department of Safety’s Project FIRST (First Responders Initiating Recovery, Support, and Treatment) enhances our ability to provide follow-up assistance to persons with substance use disorders, as well as provide training and other resources to their families and households. We have received grant funding and in April hired a program director. The new program director has delivered a training program to all Fire Department members; distributed naloxone; integrated services with applicable agencies; and actively engaged persons suffering from opioid use disorder, along with their families and support systems, to provide support and treatment pathways.

The Police Department, the Merrimack County Human Services Department and Riverbend are creating an Adverse Childhood Experience Response Team. The team will be tasked to serve children who have been exposed to violence. The team will be trained to respond to incidents, assess situations, and determine next steps that can be taken for the child, such as support groups, mental health counseling, early childhood education, and child-parent psychotherapy.

The second issue facing the city is growth, ensuring a quality tax base in order to keep the tax burden on citizens as low as possible. Projects that I will be prioritizing include: Making sure I-93 is designed for the best interest of the city by working with community stakeholders and the NHDOT; planning the future development of the Stickney Avenue land now rather than a decade from now to add economic development; see through the developments of Exit 17 bringing necessary tax relief to the Merrimack Valley School District residents and Exit 13 to include a multi-use development making important connections to the river; successfully redevelop the former Employment Security property; work with the state as they build a new legislative garage to open up Storrs Street for more development; complete the Storrs Street North Extension; bringing the Merrimack River Greenway Trail to life in Concord; focus on providing housing opportunities to all income levels; continuing to invest in our roads, water and sewer infrastructure and sustainability initiatives in particular those related to energy.

What voice/skills do you add to city government? The practical knowledge gained through experience, along with an extensive history of understanding the goals and concerns of the city, have enabled me to successfully reach consensus on the major issues facing Concord. My ability to bring people together and listen to all perspectives has yielded proven results.

The enthusiasm I have for our community is shared by many members of our city. This has allowed me to successfully foster partnerships that increase community participation and expand options for how the city funds and provides services. I am committed to building and enhancing partnerships with nonprofit organizations, other branches of government, community groups, and businesses whose goals align with the city’s mission, values and that provide benefits to the public.

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