Concord man pens fantasy novel

Monitor staff
Published: 10/19/2016 10:00:01 PM

Young adult readers and fantasy aficionados have a new series to add to their book list.

Andrew Wichland, 29, of Concord recently released the first book of his Dragon Knight Chronicles series, The Awakening.

Wichland said his writing is informed by his love of the Eragon, Harry Potter and Animorphs series. A reviewer on Amazon described it as mashup of Lord of the Rings and Power Rangers.

In the realm the author has imagined, magical and nonmagical creatures co-existed until the Black Dragon rose to power and forced the nonmagic people into hiding slavery. 

The story begins with a dragon, who can take human form, giving birth to three children. She hides them among different families as the Black Dragon hunts for her. 

Years pass and Ryuu, one of her sons, is about to turn 13 and take the exam to join the Resistance and fight against the Black Dragon.

Ryuu has aged physically and mentally faster than his peers. He skipped many grades of schooling. He’s trained in martial arts with foster parents and can beat grown adults. He has light dampening contacts and white noise earplugs to counter extra perceptive senses.

Those differences are advantageous as the challenges against him mount, but they also add to a feeling of loneliness. 

Wichland, who said he is on the autism spectrum, said that he faced similar isolation growing up and that he spent a lot of time living inside his head.

Writing is a way that Wichland expresses himself. 

“You bring a world you see in your head to life on paper,” he said.

Wichland described the book as a classic good vs. evil battle, and also a coming-of-age tale as Ryuu looks for acceptance.

Ryuu and his companions manage to stay alive for this books, Wichland said, mostly for beginners’ luck. But they realize they’ll need more training to defeat the Black Dragon.

The next book in the series will be ready for editing soon, he said.

The Awakening: Dragon Knight Chronicles Book 1 is available at Gibson’s Bookstore, Double Midnight Comics and Amazon.

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