Letter: What a celebration

Monday, January 01, 2018
What a celebration

The other night, there was a massive, ear-splitting cheer that was heard coming from the Koch brothers, the real estate moguls, including Trump and his family, the corporate CEOs, the bankers, the stock brokers, and the rest of the 10-Percenters.

The best government that big money could buy finally delivered the payback that their campaign contributors were guaranteed. I’m sure the champagne was flowing as the corrupted Republicans worked the room patting each other on the back, while planning their next deception.

The rest of we 90-Percenters were tossed the crumbs in an effort to appease “the working class” with a paltry sum that will be rolled back by 2026. And best of all, we got the old “trickle down” trick that has never worked, and never will.

Oh yes, we also received a $1,500,000,000,000 addition to the national debt that we 90-Percenters, and our children, will now be asked to pay, with interest.

When the corrupted Republicans return to the Washington cesspool, they will start crying over deficit spending, the ever-increasing costs of health care and “entitlement programs” that “the working class” paid taxes for, and are relying on, in order to avoid a life of poverty and bankruptcy when they get older or disabled. It will be the first things they attack on their New Year agenda.

Nov. 6 is fast approaching. Let’s get together and give these corrupted Republicans a pink slip before they destroy our country.


Center Barnstead