Letter: Why Alford-Teaster will get my vote

Published: 9/26/2020 12:10:25 AM

Remember Women are from Mars, Men are from Venus? It told us that men and women don’t understand each other and don’t communicate well. Just as true for liberals and conservatives. Few of us are the stereotypical Martians and Venusians or donkeys and elephants, but the false assumptions can influence how we vote. Here are some of the stereotypes I have heard or found in my own thinking:

■Democrats drive a Prius or a Subaru; Republicans choose big SUVs and pickups.

■Republicans are practicing Christians; Democrats are not religious.

■Democrats are privileged middle class; Republicans are either big business tycoons or working class.

■Republicans own guns; Democrats don’t.

■Democrats are suburban; Republicans are rural.

I’m thinking that choosing candidates in November who don’t fit the pattern will be helpful. I’ve been looking at Jenn Alford-Teaster, the Democrat running in N.H. Senate District 8. Jenn doesn’t fit the mold in any of these categories. She drives a pickup. She worshiped locally until it went virtual. She grew up poor. She is a gun owner who just wants sensible gun laws, knowing they could prevent violence, domestic abuse, and suicides. Her opponent recently voted to uphold the veto that prevents us from having sensible gun laws.

I hope we will elect sensible moderate people to represent us all up and down the ballot. Jenn has my vote.



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