Letter: Bigger than humans

Tuesday, August 08, 2017
Bigger than humans

Look, we all know the weather is changing. Glaciers are melting at a higher rate. Storms, flooding, droughts and fires are more frequent, etc. But many of us make an issue only out of the cause and the differences of opinion on the science.

I’m one who thinks we live on a planet that has existed millions of years and survived events that we would never have had the power to control. How do you control an earthquake, a volcano eruption or where a tornado will strike? And over those many years, cycles of weather have occurred, proven by core samples taken at the Arctic and South Pole, which show indicators that volcanoes erupted, seasons changed, even the poles previously changed at some point in history. I don’t think we have a capability to change what the planet will naturally do.

What we can do is to not pollute our water resources and control how we dispense with everyday trash items. Practice conservation. Recycling is a good thing. Meanwhile, get outdoors, take a walk in the woods. Relax, this could be your last day and then it won’t matter tomorrow, will it?

Let’s keep tabs on the day-to-day precautions necessary to forestall cataclysmic events down the road, and stop making this a political football. Are you not tired that every day a politician has to get in the spin and tell us what we have to do before we are all doomed?