Letter: An unhinged White House

Monday, June 11, 2018

Rudy Giuliani is the latest and most obvious case of the deteriorating mental status of the Trump administration, and White House insiders know it. You can see it on their tense faces every time their boss and his representative, Giuliani, go off on one of their tirades.

Giuliani has become unhinged and incoherent. He makes wild claims that actually place his client in greater legal jeopardy. He is just the latest example of a Trump loyalist, spreading lies and distortions and losing their credibility and dignity in the process.

How many formerly respected people will bite the dust in service to an overbearing and out-of-control president? Whatever measure of success in our economy or our negotiations with North Korea we achieve can go up in flames in an instant with such an unstable POTUS.

Longtime friends are backing away from us, including Canada for God’s sake. Now Trump is advocating for Putin’s Russia to make the G7 the G8 again. Has the King of Presidential Pardons decided to forgive and forget Putin’s annexation of Crimea, not to mention his interference in our own election? You know a person by the company he keeps. As for me, I’ll stand with the Philadelphia Eagles any day over Trump’s strange cohort of dictators and corrupt officials like Scott Pruitt. The EPA director cares more about skin moisturizers than clean water.

Speaking of water, when are we going to start draining that swamp?