Letter: Elitism and middle America

Monday, December 18, 2017
Elitism and middle America

Bill Bunker (Monitor letters, Dec. 12) thinks “the left can’t get over the results of the election.” He tries to paint a picture of elitism (which, I suppose, means the so-called “left”) and show that it is not part of middle America. The picture he paints is the country-club elitism that is clearly not middle America. But to somehow suggest that “the left” is made up only of elitists is also clearly an error.

Middle America, income-wise, would be the incomes of 40 to 90 percent, which would definitely include the working class, whether Democrat or Republican.

Bunker makes several assertions about what middle Americans want, which is very presumptive of him. He states: “Middle Americans are tired of being called ‘racist,’ ‘sexist,’ ‘homophobic,’ ‘deplorable,’ ‘uneducated’ . . . to silence debate.” Maybe he has been called some of those “epithets,” but I don’t hang out with like-thinking right wingers, so I’ve never heard anyone use any of those terms.

Bunker is obviously trying to silence debate by those who continue to discuss the current administration. And Trump, with his many flaws, gives many items to discuss and lament. The latest item to discuss is the call for Trump to resign over sexual misconduct allegations.

Bunker doesn’t seem to get it: The person that middle America elected is the racist, sexist homophobe of which he is so proud.