Letter: End cruelty at Deerfield Fair

Published: 9/29/2018 12:00:47 AM

An open letter to the 2018 Deerfield Fair event planners regarding the pig scramble: Please stop promoting this horrible event.

How such an iconic and famous New England fair could allow this type of blatant cruelty is beyond logical thought. Please do not think for a moment that kids chasing piglets around an enclosure is doing no harm. First, it teaches children nothing about compassion and empathy for animals, and second, promotes greed and power over less fortunate beings that cannot speak for or defend themselves. Are these the lessons that today’s youngsters should be learning?

I have been going to the Deerfield Fair since I was a kid in Loudon 65 years ago. I always loved the animal barns and show rings the best, where children proudly displayed their 4-H projects and treated their animals with loving care and respect. There were no “pig scrambles” then.

Allowing children to “bag” a terrified piglet for whatever glory that “accomplishment” might bring is a sad commentary on our present human condition and today’s society.

Please consider this letter the strongest possible protest against the Deerfield Fair pig scramble event. Surely the Deerfield Fair planners can think up a better way to draw crowds and entertain them, one that does not involve animal cruelty.



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