Letter: Don’t buy new stuff

Published: 12/6/2016 3:00:08 AM
Don’t buy new stuff

Becky Whitley is upset about Donald Trump’s plans to undo the Clean Power Plan (Monitor Forum, Dec. 1). However, Americans like the CPP and other EPA regulations, in part because regulations force electricity utilities, car makers and other businesses to cut emissions, but mostly the public isn’t required to do anything.

If Americans want Trump to take climate change seriously, Americans should seriously, voluntarily cut our emissions despite Trump’s climate change denials.

This isn’t impossible, and if we do it right, he’ll notice very fast. But it’ll require creativity, work and even some sacrifice.

Here’s how: Most environmental organizations don’t discuss an astonishing fact – 64 percent of the typical American household’s emissions are embedded in our purchases of manufactured products. If Trump insists on stopping the CPP, Mothers Clean Air Force should convince Americans to stop buying new manufactured goods. This holiday season we can discuss with our kids why we won’t buy new items: for their health’s sake, our nation’s self-respect and our common good. Buy used goods, or theater tickets, or a weekend in a Boston hotel, but don’t buy new things.

When you must fill your car, explain to your kids that Shell Oil just urged Canada to continue their carbon tax plans despite Trump, and buy gas from Shell stations.

Your kids will enjoy helping America fight climate change. They’ll appreciate hearing how you make decisions. The point of religious holidays is appreciation and gratitude – show it by doing the sacred work of contributing to the greater good.


Brookline, Mass.


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