Letter: Pappas supports clean energy

Published: 10/26/2020 12:01:15 AM

Congressional candidate and New Jersey political opportunist Matt Mowers, during an online interview, said he supports planting trees as a response to the climate emergency and more fossil fuels, repeating similar statements by his former bosses, Chris Christie and President Trump.

We can do much more than plant trees to stop climate change. We need a sharper vision, smarter action, and leadership to impact the trajectory scientists have modeled. A little creativity wouldn’t hurt either.

Scientists have told us clearly for years that carbon dioxide is a major contributor to the changing climate and burning fossil fuels is the biggest source of carbon. Logic tells us then that stopping the burning of fossil fuels would reduce a major source of the carbon. We can get energy and heat from the sun, offshore wind, geothermal, and reduce our demand by being more efficient and storing it where we use it. The next step would be ending fossil fuel use. We know this.

Leadership is needed not spin doctors like Mowers. I am voting for Chris Pappas for Congress because he supports investing in clean energy, not more pipelines and fossil fuels.



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