Hunter’s Corner: March storm delivered more good news than bad

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Published: 3/19/2017 11:05:38 PM

Well, the blizzard of 2017 is over. It hit the record books as the No. 5 March blizzard of all time. So, let’s put the storm into perspective.

It was more good news than bad. Most storms this time of year are an inconvenience. We had a fire threat of brush fires that was growing. It’s gone for awhile. For those parts of New Hampshire still in drought conditions, this snow was a godsend for water replacement for starved wells. And then there is the bear situation. I was prepared to suggest that you take down bird feeders but the storm changed all of that. Bears are omnivores, and when they leave their dens, they have an industrial strength case for the food and they don’t care where it comes from.

In a typical year, the key to their survival is green up. It is then where they get to feast on fresh green grass. If their mother taught them to feed on bird feeders, they will make a beeline for the feeders. What happens is the seeds spill over onto the ground where it accumulates and ferments, sending off a tempting aroma. Improper outdoor storage of pet food also causes the release of an aroma. The final player is your gas grill. If not properly cleaned, it will send off an aroma. All told, there is a lot of temptation for the bears and it looks like April 1 may be in play again for the removal of feeders.

My aging snow blower loved the powder snow. The wind had drifted in more snow than I wanted, but because it was powder, it was easily blown away. Now for the really good news: Tomorrow is the first day of spring.

We may get yet another storm, before the winter season ends but the worst is behind us and I for one am ready to embrace spring. Although the snow accumulation for Concord is slightly above average, as far as winters go, it really hasn’t been that bad so the cabin fever factor is not as bad as it could be.

However, there is an elixir coming our way that you just don’t want to miss. The Trinity Baptist Church will be hosting the 13th Annual Sportsmen’s Event. Admission is free for ages 10 and older. The reason for the event is Trinity’s way of giving something back to the community. The seminar schedule is as follows: Room 213, Advanced Turkey Hunting (11 a.m., Quaker Boy Pro Staff Joe Hudd); Room 214, Hare Hunting in N.H. (noon, John Fletcher, Ed Vien and Larry Williams); Room 114, Bear Hunting in N.H. Overview: methods, techniques, habitat and biology. (1 p.m.,Craig Rennie and Wade Reed); Room 11, Intro to Conceal Carry (1 p.m. Rob Tibbo and Devin McManus); Room 215, Fly Tying for Beginners (1-4 p.m., Bob Wyatt); Room 213, Bass Fishing Basics (2 p.m., Justin Brigham); Room 214, Hunting Dominate Bucks (2 p.m., Quaker Boy Pro Staff member Dave Priebe); Room 114, Foraging for Wild Edibles (3 p.m., Scott Jackson); Room 117, Active Shooter (3 p.m., Tibbo and McManus); Room 213, Moose Talk (3 p.m., Eric Orff); Room 115, Kayak Fishing Basics (3 p.m., Tim Moore).

Featured attractions include a climbing wall, and both a pellet gun and archery range.

The Capital Region Strutters present the New Hampshire NWTF sanctioned turkey calling contest. Check out more details at Strutters Facebook page.

The New Hampshire Antler & Skull Trophy Club will be measuring your deer antlers and mounts and they have a chance of being shown at a 2017 N.H. Sportsmen’s Show. Registration opens April 1 for summer youth programs at Owl Brook Hunter Education Center. These are free youth day programs that gives boys and girls ages 10-15 the chance to learn about shooting skills, bowhunting and other outdoor skills in July and August. Pre-registration is required and will be conducted on a first-come, first serve basis.

This year, all registrations for the summer youth programs will be completed online. Go signup, once registration opens, visit their website, Under “View Classes at Owl Brook,” select “Youth Hunting Skills” and select the program/dates you are interested in attending.

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