Letter: Gardner should keep his seat

Published: 12/4/2018 12:01:13 AM

Dear state representatives: I’m writing to urge you to vote to let Bill Gardner keep his seat as secretary of state. I don’t think anyone can argue against the man’s integrity, knowledge, nonpartisanship or loyalty to the state.

Maybe it is because I am old, but I resent the fact that some feel “new blood” is needed. Isn’t that how we got Donald Trump? (I’m making no comparisons, but the principle seems to be the same.)

And wasn’t Maura Sullivan defeated in most part because she took money from PACs outside our state? And if you are worried about Senate Bill 3, I am here to tell you that I worked at the polls in Durham last Election Day and there were tons of college students from UNH voting without any problems.

If the office needs updating, why do other secretaries of state all over the country call him for guidance? If you are concerned about his participation in the commission investigating election fraud, so was I originally but it went nowhere – and I wonder why. It is always better to be on the inside than waiting for the dictates to roll out.

And, finally, if you want to use the excuse that we need someone younger, why don’t we start thinking about Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Is it not the same thing?

I respectfully ask you to consider my arguments.



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