Letter: Time for action

Thursday, October 12, 2017
Time for action

The Forum of Friday, Oct. 6, was a real opportunity for us as citizens to really look at some ideas by three good contributors: Walter Carlson, Jonathan Baird and Bob Wells. If we can read these well-written articles with an open mind, I think we can start to make more informed decisions.

Walter Carlson wonders what ever happened to the Grand Old Party. He echoes my thoughts exactly. I don’t recognize my GOP. I believe that this downward spiral started when the party tried to incorporate the Tea Party.

Jonathan Baird puts forth the idea of a one-party health system. He’s right that we are the only large, rich country not to have health care for all. And it’s a doable thing. We just have to come together as citizens and let Congress know how we feel. It won’t happen tomorrow, but everything has to start somewhere.

And Bob Wells has simplified some of the tax “breaks” that you and I will probably never have to worry about. At least I know my family won’t have to worry about having to pay taxes on over $2.5 million. I agree that tax forms need to be simplified. A straight, across-the-board tax percentage for all people above the poverty level would accomplish this, with the percentage rising between certain wage differences. Not substantial differences, but enough to have everyone paying their fair share.

Please have an open mind on ideas as they are offered. Our country is in dire trouble. Let’s not spend our time fighting. Let’s start doing something.