Letter: Put energy into unity

Published: 9/17/2017 12:01:23 AM
Put energy into unity

Earth stops spinning on its axis. Did any of the other half-dozen conservative readers of Katy Burns’s column (Sunday Monitor Forum, Sept. 10) think that there must be a mistake when she concluded her piece on Hillary Clinton with: “And then – I know I am not alone in this – I pray she just shuts up. And goes away.”?

Much of her column was dedicated to a critical recitation of issues that have bothered a lot of Americans. These include her blaming James Comey, Bernie Sanders, President Obama and the media for her failure to win. Burns then points out Clinton’s large speaking fees, her husband’s tarmac visit with Loretta Lynch, the Clinton Foundation’s solicitation of funds and her dismissal of the seriousness of her private email server.

Notwithstanding, Burns can’t pass up an opportunity to dump on Trump, while ignoring the excesses of Democrats. Trump’s groping of women while ignoring Bill Clinton’s “liaisons” with interns. Trump the bully while ignoring Hillary Clinton’s reported bullying of the women who dared to speak out against her husband’s sexual abuse. Trump making the government a profit center while ignoring the Clintons’ monetization of the State Department by soliciting gifts to the Clinton Foundation.

We must direct all our energies to those efforts that bring us together, not divide us. Pointing out the sins of those we disagree with to embarrass them into silence, while ignoring the sins of our own side, will lead only to more and deeper division.




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