Letter: It’s time to move beyond Trump experiment

Published: 10/28/2020 12:02:05 AM

In the final debate of a long campaign, Joe Biden did not break any new ground but his debate performance contained many of his policy prescriptions.

You may or may not agree with him but at least he presented concrete ideas and plans that can be discussed in a civil manner. Unlike his opponent, he is open to compromise.

Donald Trump moderated his manic behavior from the first debate and may have seemed a tad more presidential with one glaring exception. He has no ideas or plans. All he has is a vitriolic attitude that accomplishes little. In 2016, his unconventional rhetoric seemed like a breath of fresh air for millions of disgruntled Americans. It seems very stale and empty in retrospect.

We experimented with Donald Trump and found him to be a hollow man, incapable of getting the job done. His heartlessness toward COVID victims and immigrant children are particularly noteworthy. We need less bombast and chaos in the White House and more peace and calm in order to heal as a nation and make America whole again.



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