Letter: Marchand’s tone deafness

Published: 8/10/2018 12:00:55 AM

Last week we observed a former one-term Portsmouth mayor, an outsider with gubernatorial ambitions, lecture the citizens of Franklin about “dumping” their voter approved tax cap.

It would have served him well to learn that the city’s tax cap was last approved here with 80 percent of the vote. And since its 1989 landslide incorporation into our city charter, “the cap” has also been approved by the citizens of our sister cities of Nashua, Laconia, Dover, Rochester and Manchester.

Not only is this little-known politician wrong on policy, but he didn’t even have the common courtesy to contact our local police or fire departments, or even return calls from the city manager’s office to inform them of his so-called “rally” on city property.

With such disregard for public safety (and sound fiscal policy), we can only imagine what havoc his administration would unleash upon the citizens of the state of New Hampshire. Every Franklin taxpayer who received their new property assessment letter this past weekend knows how important our tax cap is when it comes to ensuring fiscal sanity in future city spending. Perhaps the former one-term mayor should have talked to more of them before advocating to run roughshod over our city charter.



(The writer is the mayor of Franklin.)

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