Primary survey: Three Republicans vie for Epsom, Pittsfield House seat

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Three Republicans – incumbent Michael Brewster, John Klose and David Palfrey – are vying for two seats in this district, which covers Epsom and Pittsfield. The Democratic race is uncontested. We reached out to all three GOP candidates; one responded.
Published: 9/8/2016 1:03:42 AM

David J. Palfrey

Party: Republican

Age: 78

Town of Residence: Epsom

Occupation: retired from a career in banking

Incumbent? Served in House of Representatives from 2008 through 2012

Do you support . . .

Commuter rail funding? I do not support commuter rail funding as studies have shown it would require a subsidy from N.H. taxpayers.

Provide more funding for higher education? The state should provide more funds for public schools including charter schools. Funds received as profits from the lottery should be used for education, as was the original purpose.

Pro-gun legislation, such as constitutional carry? I support pro-gun legislation under the Second Amendment.

Reauthorizing Medicaid expansion? I do not support reauthorizing Medicaid expansion at the expense of N.H. taxpayers. We must look for another solution.

Increasing the minimum wage? I could support a slight increase in the minimum wage.

Marijuana legalization or decriminalization? I am against the legalization of marijuana as it is currently against federal law, which takes precedence over state law. I do support medical marijuana, if prescribed by a physician.

What would you like voters to know about your philosophy, principles or priorities? My philosophy is that, as a state representative, my first and foremost obligation will be to represent the interests of the residents of Epsom and Pittsfield. This will require two-way communication which I plan to initiate by meeting with town officials and residents on a regular basis.

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