State Rep. races: Merrimack County District 4 (Sutton, Wilmot)

Sutton, Wilmot (one seat)
Wednesday, November 02, 2016
Merrimack County District 4

Republican incumbent Douglas Long faces Democrat Tom Schamburg.


Tom Schamberg

Party: Democratic

Age: 69

Town of residence: Wilmot

Occupation: Retired teacher

Incumbent: No

Do you support commuter rail funding? I support the study of another way to increase our infrastructure to serve N.H. businesses and residents. I believe we should accept federal monies to study the obligations of such a service and effect upon N.H. taxpayers.

Do you support providing more state money for higher education? Public education is the backbone of our economic system. K-12 needs adequate funding by the state Legislature. The N.H. Legislature needs to initiate legislation that would delete the Statewide Education Tax on our property tax bills and legislatively incorporate the State Education Tax dollar amount to be paid out of the general operating fund to keep town and school budgets whole. No additional cost to local taxpayers means more discretionary money in N.H. pockets. Higher education needs supplemental funds to reduce tuition and keep more N.H. high school graduates here in the Granite State.

Do you support pro-gun legislation, such as constitutional carry? I support the First and Second Amendments. I support N.H. Police Chiefs in doing the background checks on permits as required by N.H. law.

Do you support reauthorizing Medicaid expansion? Yes – this helps to ensure that all Granite State residents have access to essential health care. This is a much needed safety net for 50,000 N.H. residents in deciding between health care and other family obligations.

Do you support increasing the minimum wage? Needs to be done in incremental stages over four years with tax credits for small N.H. businesses who employ the majority of our N.H. workforce. We can do better than Mississippi and Alabama at $7.25 per hour.

Do you support marijuana legalization or decriminalization? Decriminalization with standards of discipline enforcement developed in the conjunction with the Legislature, law enforcement and the medical community.

What would you like voters to know about your philosophy, principles or priorities? A priority is to develop an Outward Reach State VA program for our veterans. By being actively involved and participating in the many community activities and organizations of Wilmot and Sutton, which I hope to represent, I have listened, discussed and heard the various views of Republicans, Independents and Democrats. I am a moderate Democrat that will and can work across the aisle to serve all families and businesses of Sutton and Wilmot.

Douglas B. Long