Letter: Public has spoken on Sunapee amendment

Published: 10/28/2018 12:02:08 AM

On Oct. 31, the Executive Council will once again take up the controversial west bowl expansion amendment that allows the linkage of public land at Mount Sunapee State Park with private land owned by the new lease holder.

The New Hampshire Supreme Court, after multiple lawsuits filed by the previous operator, ruled in 2013 the state was under no legal obligation to allow any expansion of the leased area.

The public has overwhelmingly rejected this plan citing numerous legitimate concerns ranging from the impacts of climate change to the irreparable harm that will be done to Mount Sunapee’s state-documented rare and ancient forests.

Vail stated in a public information session held at Mount Sunapee resort in July that it was not interested in Sunapee because of the west bowl or real estate development.

They have signed the lease and in their negotiations with the state made it clear that their decision was not contingent upon approval of the west bowl amendment. Therefore, why should the state of New Hampshire grant this option to Vail?

The public has made its views perfectly clear. The final tally compiled by the Department of Resources and Economic Development concerning the west bowl expansion was decisive – 2,883 opposed and 1,047 in support.

We ask that you listen to and honor the wishes of the thousands of voices that for over a decade have made clear their opposition to this short-sighted and environmentally destructive plan and vote no on this amendment.



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