Letter: Music school is keeping us singing

Published: 10/28/2020 12:01:46 AM

I was pleased to see the article highlighting Concord Community Music School’s recent purchase of the technology to hold a driveway ensemble practice (Monitor front page, Oct. 16). I am a member of Northern Lights (the group featured), and it was deeply satisfying to sing in the harmony of voices in real time. The set-up is designed to be used in cars, so no matter what the weather we can rehearse together in the comfort of our automobiles, hearing the ensemble sound in our headsets. I also sing with the Concord Chorale, and the music school will allow rentals so that other musical groups in the Concord area can take advantage of this resource, and we will.

I appreciate so much the music school’s choice to financially support this necessary mode of singing, demonstrating its commitment to provide musical resources to the community, a fundamental part of its mission of 36 years, throughout this unusual and stressful time.

As we all try to find ways to remain connected with each other while we endure the COVID-19 pandemic, my hat’s off to the music school for finding a way to keep us singing.



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