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Monitor announces 2023 Reader Advisory Board members

3/8/23  The Concord Monitor is excited to announce the newest members of our reader advisory board, an initiative that brings readers and community-minded individuals together to talk about local news and how the Monitor can better serve its communities. Read more -->

Concord Monitor newsroom policies

3/5/23 The following policies have been crafted from Monitor institutional knowledge, industry best practices, and successful examples cited by other news organizations. Read more -->

Introducing some changes to our Sunday comics lineup

8/28/22 When you’re publishing a newspaper, change is no laughing matter. That’s true, even if you’re talking about the funny pages. >>Read on

Join the Monitor’s Reader Advisory Board

7/6/22 One year ago, we announced a new initiative to bring readers and community-minded individuals together to talk about local news and how the Monitor can better serve its communities. We selected nine volunteers to join us, and we’ve learned a lot since then. >> Read on

Monitor wins Newspaper of the Year from the N.H. Press Association

6/12/22 The Monitor won 10 awards, seven of them first place, including General Excellence for daily newspapers, which is also referred to as newspaper of the year. >> Read on

Report for America journalist Michaela Towfighi to join the Concord Monitor

5/10/22 We’re excited to announce that our newest staff member will be arriving next month to report on a beat that’ll be new to the Concord Monitor. >> Read on 

Home delivery subscription rate to increase May 1

4/23/22 If you’re a regular reader of the Concord Monitor, you’ve read all about the challenges hitting our local economy. Costs have skyrocketed in recent months, and it’s hitting us all, from the grocery store to the gas pump. >> Read on

Editorial: Judiciary must address unequal application of justice based on race

3/12/2022 Last week, the Supreme Court listened to a series of recommendations from a task force it created to review how the judiciary handles domestic violence cases, including examining the court system’s own procedures. >> Read on 

Updates to the opinion section

3/7/2022 In our inaugural community impact report last year, we told you about the Monitor’s acceptance into the Road to Pluralism, an initiative from Trusting News to help journalists build trust in a polarized world. >> Read on 

‘Monitor’ to add third RFA reporter

12/8/2021 There’s a lot happening in the Monitor newsroom as we wrap up 2021. So much so, that we thought we’d give you an update. Well, it’s part update, part announcement and part heads-up for what’s still to come. >> Read on 

Our state’s environment needs more local journalism – here’s how you can help

11/17/2021 Look out your kitchen window. What’s changed since you were a kid? That’s a question one of the many environmental experts we’ve spoken to in recent weeks suggested we ask our readers. >> Read on 

Monitor announces reader advisory board members

10/27/2021 This past July, we asked readers to tell us about their connection to their community. Many took up the call and filled out our Google form touting their dedication, experience and passion. >> Read on 

Join the Monitor’s reader advisory board

6/30/2021 For more than 150 years, the Concord Monitor has been serving the community through local reporting. New Hampshire’s communities are diverse and changing, each with a unique view of how local news interacts with and within it. To learn how the Monitor can grow its audiences and provide vital reporting and information across communities, we need to hear from you. Whether you’ve been subscribing to the Monitor for years or reading it for the first time today, we want to know what you think – about what we’re doing well and what we can improve. >> Read on 

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