Our Turn: Election choices and local civility

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Published: 10/16/2020 3:12:31 PM

We noted with interest the Oct. 14 Monitor op-ed by our election opponents Lorrie Carey, Lois Friedrich, and Lesley Bergevin and we appreciate the Monitor giving us space as well.

We want to welcome newcomers Lois and Leslie to our campaign mix, and we welcome back Lorrie as well. We’ll miss mixing it up with their outgoing predecessors, Howard Moffett and George Saunderson, for whom we have sincere affection, having engaged them in numerous forums and listening sessions over several campaign cycles. We believe that Canterbury and Loudon voters appreciate the civility we display and we wish George and Howard happy “retirements.”

That said, the piece by “Three L’s” deserves a response. Their op-ed largely focused on the notion that they and the Democrat Party truly represent the best interests of women. For the record, we love our mothers, sisters, daughters, nieces, and aunts and we genuinely care about all the voters in our towns, regardless of gender. As Republicans, we eschew the identity politics favored by many Democrats. Such politics cause us to overly focus on our differences rather than our commonalities while creating competing factions.

We’d rather celebrate freedom and personal responsibility and embrace individuals on their own merits as part of a whole community, as opposed to focusing on groups based on ethnicity, race, orientations, etc.

These “freedom” values should be shared by all genders. Yes, the “Three L’s” cite statistics showing different percentages of Democratic vs. Republican female representatives. These numbers vary over time but it’s important to note that there are over 100 strong and impressive female GOP state representative candidates on the Granite State’s November ballots.

Equally important is the need for candidates to clarify where they stand, especially when they have no legislative scorecard. Engaged citizens can go to nh.gov and review Howard Moffett’s and George Saunderson’s voting records and query the “Three L’s” as to whether they would have ever voted differently. Would they have also supported the FMLA income tax? Drivers licenses for illegal aliens? Higher utility costs? Restrictions on 1st and 2nd Amendment freedoms?

Would they also have voted to overturn all 79 of Gov. Chris Sununu’s vetoes? These involved legislation that we feel most Granite Staters don’t want.

Do they agree with our Democrat congressional delegation with regard to abolishing the Electoral College? While this would be good for Nancy Pelosi in California as well as for Chuck Schumer in New York, it would be terrible for us in New Hampshire.

These and many other questions are important to respectfully raise and discuss. That’s why we have campaigns and elections in this great state of ours.

And regardless of who wins on Nov. 3, we look forward to maintaining our small-town traditions of respectful civility and comity and that we can all keep coming together to chat with fellow citizens at future “listening sessions.”

Nov. 3rd’s winners can bring the coffee and doughnuts!

Mike Moffett and Jose Cambrils are Republican candidates for Merrimack County District 9, which holds two seats and represents Canterbury and Loudon. Howard Pearl is a Republican running for Merrimack County District 26, a floterial district that represents Boscawen, Canterbury, Franklin (Ward 3), Loudon and Northfield.

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