Letter: Reassessed in Pembroke

Tuesday, December 19, 2017
Reassessed in Pembroke

I was reassessed. I am no expert, but I work around Realtors and contractors and I follow real estate transfers, so I am not totally out of touch. I thought the value was high by at least 12 percent, so my wife and I gathered comparisons in the area and met with the “Man from Maine.” He gave us 15 minutes, that’s it. Bottom line – we had a lot of attic and basement storage area. No mention of condition or location.

It’s encouraging that Aaron Gill’s letter of Dec. 1 indicates that his Deering assessors actually go into houses. We did not receive a phone call, knock on the door or, to my knowledge, even a drive-by from the “Man from Maine,” although a customer of mine saw one peeking through the window, so she invited him in.

I wonder how much the “Man from Maine” actually knows about the property values in Pembroke. Maybe he thought that he was in Windham when he assessed our Pembroke home.

I am encouraged that a tool exists that can determine condition and size of the inside of a home without entering the premises. I could use one of those for my work.

By the way, the tax rate also went up, not down. I will pay the additional $1,200 to the town instead of my maintenance fund for my 27-year old roof. I think I have enough “Henry’s Roof Patch” for a few more years.