Letter: Political gobbledygook

Published: 2/22/2018 12:01:40 AM
Political gobbledygook

Someone, somewhere once said, “The price we pay for living in a democracy is hypocrisy and corruption.” The older I get the more I believe that, especially the hypocrisy part.

A state “politician” sponsors a bill that will add an enormous annual tax burden for Concord residents who register vehicles in the city. There is an outcry from already overtaxed working-class families and seniors on fixed incomes. The politician responds, exclaiming, “I oppose Concord increasing car registration fees, however, I’m in favor of local control.” That politician’s doublespeak gobbledygook is what makes people cynical. Note to that state politician: Concord’s city council and school committee can’t wait to tap into the new, bottomless revenue source that your bill handed to them on a silver platter.




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