Letter: Power without consent

Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Power without consent

Here’s a key reason why Donald Trump won: U.S. governments at all levels have enacted millions of laws and regulations without citizen consent.

To counter this excess, legislative terms should be strictly limited. Legislators need not remain in office long enough to learn the ways of government. They should focus instead on reversing most of the laws and regulations already in place.

State and local governments, including the judiciaries, should continue with only essential duties. For this libertarian, these are as follows:

Protect private property

Enforce contracts

Adjudicate lawsuits

Keep people from directly hurting others by force or fraud.

U.S. senators should be limited to a single term and House members to two terms. The federal government should assist with the above and perform only the following duties of its own:

Establish and enforce immigration policies

Pay a universal basic income to every adult citizen, replacing Social Security, Medicare, all welfare programs

Defend the nation.

Tax rates would be low and flat, with no deductions. Unions would be disempowered, and government would not interfere between employers and employees. Private organizations would raise money from the prosperous and pay it to the poor. No schools would be owned or operated by government.

The students of central-city schools being in obvious need of financial help, the prosperous would likely volunteer to provide it, as some are doing already. Crony capitalism and government lotteries: both terminated.

The poor would thus gain wealth faster than the rich. Ongoing poverty would largely disappear.