Letter: Promise to fight against racism in city must be kept

Published: 1/14/2021 12:01:15 AM

Seven months ago, on June 9, 2020, amidst the backdrop of the Black Lives Matter protests nationwide and solidarity rallies around the world, Mayor Jim Bouley spoke to the Concord Monitor and made the following statement: “We can do better. We’re going to make a difference. We can’t let this just stop on one day and one march.”

The statement, made in response to the Concord BLM protest coordinated by Concord High students over George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and centuries of unaddressed wrongs, was a no-brainer for any politician hoping to ride atop the wave of popular sentiment. Bouley made promises of change and action for our communities of color in Concord. He made commitments to work with the city council and local organizations to provide a platform for our communities to address inequities such as affordable housing and financial stability that have predominantly and historically challenged our communities of color. Needless to say, these promises have not been kept.

As an observer of the world I’m not surprised. However, as a Concord homeowner and resident I cannot allow Mayor Bouley to shirk his responsibility. If I may be blunt: What excuse could Mayor Bouley possibly have for not moving forward on such pressing issues in our community? It’s time to hold our mayor accountable for promises made last year. The city of Concord is ready. So, Mayor Bouley, I pose this question: Are you going to join us to “do better” and “make a difference”?



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