Letter: No more free toilet paper for lawmakers

Published: 3/4/2021 12:01:29 AM

House Bill 458 – which would repeal the law that requires schools to provide tampons and sanitary pads – got me to thinking about other “free” sanitary products we provide, especially to our legislators who sponsored or support HB 458. Doesn’t the state provide toilet paper for legislators in the State House and Legislative Office Building? Whoa, what a burden for taxpayers.

Think of how much money we have spent over the course of decades providing toilet paper to legislators for free, when they can simply bring some from home. Or, as proposed in HB 458, maybe we can charge them a “minimal” cost – perhaps a charge every month the Legislature is in session. I suggest a good government slogan: “I’m on no one’s dole – I bring my own roll!”

Moreover, most legislators can afford their own toilet paper because: a) being in the legislature is voluntary, so they can they can make a choice; and b) legislators do not get a salary, so anyone who decides to become a legislator must have a separate source of income adequate to buy their toilet paper.

If we can provide a necessary sanitary product used by both men and women, isn’t it sexist to repeal a bill that would provide sanitary products that only women can use? To put this into focus, I propose a bill whereby for the next legislative session, no toilet paper is provided in the Legislative Office Building bathrooms, and legislators have to bring their own toilet paper from home. Perhaps then they will realize that repealing an equitable piece of legislation is nothing but inequitable.



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