School Board appoints Croteau as interim member


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Published: 02-07-2023 12:12 PM

The Concord School Board voted Monday to appoint former Board member Tom Croteau to temporarily fill the open Zone A seat formerly held by Kate West.

Croteau, who has been serving as School Board treasurer since 2021, is a former teacher and principal and was an elected School Board member from 2013 to 2020. He also served as a member of the 2021-2022 Concord School District Charter Commission. 

“Mr. Croteau's integrity and his open mind and his willingness to listen to all sides of an argument make him, in my opinion, an outstanding candidate,” said School Board President Jim Richards, who nominated him for the position.

West was elected in 2020 to the Zone A seat formerly held by Croteau, who decided not to seek another term. Last month, Concord School Board members voted to declare West’s seat vacant and seek a replacement, since West no longer resides in Zone A. West lost her housing in September and has been staying with friends in Concord while she’s been trying to find a permanent place to live. According to a provision codified by the 2021-2022 Charter Commission last year, Board members forfeit their seats if they move out of their elected zone.

West has stated that she was “ousted” from the School Board and disagrees with the decision to remove her, arguing that she didn’t choose to leave her zone and she has not yet taken up a permanent residence in any other zone.

According to school policy, Croteau will sit on the Board for the remainder of 2023 until Concord voters elect a Zone A representative at the November city election.

Croteau resigned his position as School Board treasurer to take the interim member position. Richards said he will nominate a new treasurer candidate at the next Board meeting.


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