Letter: Seeing eye to eye

Published: 4/8/2020 12:01:22 AM

I miss my Mom, my heart aches to be with her. For years I have driven back and forth to Vermont to visit her, and now I can’t. An unseen yet universally known culprit keeps me away. My sadness and frustration bubble up. I let them surface, they need a place to go. My need to connect with my Mom is deep. She has dementia and time is not on our side. I know there are many other people in this situation who long to connect with their loved ones but can’t.

I’ve decided to build a bridge to my Mom with words, pictures, songs and memories. I write her notes and send along a picture or a poem, or a saying that will make her laugh. We talk on the phone, and best of all we use the amazing technology of today and we can see each other! I can look into her eyes and see how her day is going. We sing together and laugh over funny memories. I can hug my Mom with my eyes, and my heart is calm and full. The connection has been made, and for now, it is enough.



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