Letter: Marker solution: Go private

Published: 05-25-2023 7:00 AM

There is a viable solution to the Elizabeth Gurley Brown historical marker controversy. There are a number of towns in New Hampshire that have their own historical markers. In Plymouth, several citizens partnered with the historical society to identify the people or places with the greatest historical significance in our town. After some research, we came across Sewah Studio in Pennsylvania that makes historical markers. We chose the sign with the same shape as the New Hampshire state markers. We chose a dark blue background to differentiate from the dark green of the state markers. The price of the markers which include the post was about $2,000 six years ago.

The text on the Elizabeth Gurley Flynn marker is already established, it doesn’t need to be edited or rewritten. So, go private, raise the money and find a suitable private property to display the marker. Get around our woke, anti- history governor and Executive Council members and put this important marker up for the public to see. (In Plymouth, we identified the top 10 historic people or places. We have got funding for five markers to date, and those markers are up. One is the Robert Frost House on the Plymouth State University campus, and another is the former Draper & Maynard Factory that at one time manufactured most of the baseball mitts worn by the major league players. The text for our markers was written by former New Hampshire Supreme Court Justice William Batchelder, now deceased.)

Cam Sinclair



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