Letter: Ignorance of parking rules is no excuse

Tuesday, January 02, 2018
Ignorance of parking rules is no excuse

In response to Craig Greenman’s letter (Monitor letters, Dec. 27): If you are so well versed in philosophy and law you would understand the concept of “ignorance of the law is no excuse.” And it doesn’t take much real intelligence to understand the snow has to be plowed and cars have to be gone for plowing to be done. Beyond knowing what had to be done, I was made well aware of the parking ban, as were many others, through several media outlets. Anyone who leaves their car on-street, day or night, during a snowstorm should have it towed.

If the tables were turned and you could not navigate your street because it could not be plowed properly due to parked cars, I most assuredly feel you would be whining about the bad job the city does plowing streets.

Admittedly, the city got itself into this problem by allowing on-street overnight parking to begin with.

Beyond that, it is a city ordinance; your neighbor’s ignorance is her fault, not the city’s. Call it a learning experience. Judging by the article in the Dec. 28 Monitor, you are not alone in learning that lesson.