Support animals in need with The Trainer’s Loft’s Giving Tree

COVID-19 has hit non-profit organizations hard this year, making it difficult for them to have the funds, supplies, and equipment they require to meet the needs of the animals. Tomten Farm and Sanctuary, Becky’s Gift, Live and Let Live Farm Rehabilitation Rescue and Sanctuary, and Upreach Therapeutic Riding Center are all 501c3 organizations that benefit animals and people in various ways. They provide joy, peace, and possibility to the lives within their care.

The Trainer’s Loft has committed to making a difference for these organizations this holiday season. Visit our tack store and purchase an ornament off of the tree. Each ornament has monetary amounts starting at $5. We’re hoping to hit our goal of $1,000 which will be used to buy items they need. Check out our sliding scale in-store to track our progress and hopefully exceed our goal. We thank you for helping us make a difference for the animals and those who care for them. Please take a moment to read a little bit about these great places.

Tomten Farm and Sanctuary is an approved 501(c)(3) providing peace, protection and possibility to animals in need. Helping animals, helping humans and making dreams come true one life at a time through rescue, sanctuary, adoption and education. Founded January 1st, 2014, they are a 100% volunteer “staffed” and donor funded organization. They focus on responsible, sustainable practices that allow them to be there for those who need them today and ensure they will be there tomorrow. Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, they create a home for those who need it. They have more than 50 rescues including horses, goats, cows, sheep, pigs, donkeys, cats and fowl. Each has their own story, each saved from what would have been a terrible fate. As an animal welfare organization, they believe in inclusivity and embrace all who love animals, making the world a better place. They are advocates, not activists and no matter where you are on your personal journey, they open their arms to you. Little by little awareness grows, change happens and miracles occur and it is an honor for them to share that journey.

Becky’s Gift offers short term assistance to Horses in need. Becky was born April 1, 1982 and grew up in Bow, NH. At age eleven, Becky started showing horses under the tutelage of Deedee Ludlam, of Bear Brook Stables, in Allenstown. She owned a special Morgan mare named Gradell's Delight. Becky and Daisy showed all over NH, most frequently at Deerfield Fairgrounds. They competed in Junior Exhibitor Hack and Morgan Pleasure Junior to Ride classes and were named champion many times. At UNH (University of New Hampshire), Becky found her second love, archeology, and attended dig sites in Belize, Bolivia, and Guatemala. She was awarded a full scholarship to complete her Doctorate at the University of California at Riverside, a leading school in archeology. Both Becky and Daisy passed away in 2005, Daisy in April, Becky in September. The bond between them was ever strong. Becky’s Gift was founded to commemorate Becky and Daisy’s bond, and establish her legacy. The foundation enables horse owners with short-term financial troubles to keep their animals by helping to fund hay, veterinarian bills, and farrier bills.

Live and Let Live Farm Rehabilitation Rescue and Sanctuary is an animal shelter that rescues abused and unwanted animals. They deal with mostly horses, pregnant dogs, and cats. Providing them either a temporary or permanent safe place to interact with people. When applicable, they will try to find appropriate homes for rehabilitated animals. Those animals that are considered unadoptable will be given lifetime care at their farm.

Upreach Therapeutic Riding Center is dedicated to inspiring hope, fostering independence, and improving the physical, emotional, and psychological well-being of individuals with and without disabilities by partnering with the power of a horse.

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