Letter: Vote Strong-Rain in Bow

Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Vote Strong-Rain in Bow

Vote for Jennifer Strong-Rain for school board if you believe good education is a necessity and not a luxury.

I met Jennifer when she served on the budget committee four years ago. I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer for the last three years on the Bow School Board. With her background in education, she has been a very valuable member. Jennifer also has two sons in the school, one in middle school and one in high school. This is very important as she has insight on what is happening in the schools and what is really needed. The responsibility of a school board member is much more than a budget, which is only discussed when preparing the new budget.

Your representatives go to a monthly meetings, they serve on different town committees, including the budget and CIP committees, go to classes run by the New Hampshire School Board Association, review teacher applications, curriculum and new programs. Someone with a background in education and who has children in the school system makes a better representative than someone who does not.

Vote for a truly responsible, level-headed, frugal member. Vote Jennifer Strong-Rain for a second term on the Bow School Board.



(The writer is chair of the Bow School Board.)