Letter: Sununu’s approach mirrors Trump’s

Published: 8/11/2020 12:01:27 AM

Gov. Chris Sununu has failed to lead when it mattered most. The science is unequivocal that mask wearing protects public health and slows the spread of COVID-19. Instead of prioritizing public safety from a highly communicable novel disease and mandating masks, Sununu chose to pander to his political base. Sununu put his own personal political interest ahead of New Hampshire’s public health. Leaders should follow scientific experts, not conspiracy theorists or self-interest.

Sununu’s approach mirrors Donald Trump’s uncoordinated 50-state free-for-all. Public health decisions in a pandemic should not be left to the whim of every John and Jane Doe. From Sununu’s deafening silence when Trump caged children at the border, to his allowing federal agents to conduct warrantless search checkpoints on New Hampshire highways, to his removal of common-sense gun safety permitting of concealed weapons, to his veto of Paid Family and Medical Leave, Sununu has repeatedly failed to prioritize health and safety; it is time to speak out.

Sununu’s wishy-washy approach puts New Hampshire residents and businesses at risk. COVID cases spread exponentially and waiting to require masks is a costly and deadly mistake. New Hampshire’s essential workers, students, teachers, seniors, the at-risk population, and everyone residing and working here deserves better. Sununu’s pandering is not leadership.




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