Letter: The importance of home visiting programs

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

In my experience volunteering in elementary school classrooms, I have seen different needs presented by kids coming from different backgrounds. Children who have a strong start have a better chance at lifelong success. We know this because science has shown that the first five years of life are when the child’s brain develops the fastest. Parents can shape this development through simple back-and-forth interactions like talking and playing together – which is exactly what voluntary home visiting programs help parents incorporate into their daily routines.

Home visiting programs are so critical. They provide vital, in-home support to parents to help them learn positive parenting techniques and set their children on track to have successful lives.

Our lawmakers are currently considering a bill that, among many other vital services, includes increased access to home visiting programs for families who need them. I urge our lawmakers to pass Senate Bill 590 and give our youngest citizens an opportunity to thrive.


New London